STEP 5 Moving Right Along

I’m continuing to work on the oil wash. At this stage I also make adjustments to my pencil sketch. Compare the second image to the first and you will see I made the verandah and steps wider. What works in a 9 x 12 inch sketch sometimes doesn’t in a 6 x 8 foot painting.

You have probably noticed my palette is moved around a lot. All of our studio furniture is on wheels. This makes it so easy to adjust our work space to the size of the paintings we are working on. Usually I paint with the palette directly in front of me, which is the most efficient. When I am doing detail work on my painting I can move the palette out of the way and stand close to the canvas.

The easel cranks up and down. This allows me to paint comfortably without having to raise my arm above shoulder level. Any higher puts a tremendous strain on your arm and shoulder, something I definitely don’t care to do. That is why I use the step ladder to work at the top of the canvas.

Tomorrow the harbor of Portofino will emerge!  Please come back and see how it turns out.

2 Responses to “STEP 5 Moving Right Along”

  1. Anita Johnson Says:

    Mikki, this is about the double paete. How can I print it off without printing all of the remarks? It is too long. Anita Johnson Thank you

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