STEP 10 Boats, Boats and more Boats

A really nice thing happened today. It began last night when Jack and I received a call asking if we would be in the studio today. “Of course,” we said. “We’ll be here painting.”

Two of our favorite collectors came to see the big painting and then took us to lunch. We had a super fun time and it was a nice little break from painting BOATS!  Portofino’s Harbor is filled with dinghies, skiffs, sailboats and yachts. They are a challenge to paint. Since they are in the distance I don’t want them to be too detailed, but I have to have enough so they will look like boats.

Also notice the distant water is a duller blue. As it comes forward the color becomes more intense. Representational artists paint on a canvas, which is two dimensional, trying to make it appear three dimensional. There are methods to make this work. One is using warm and cool colors. Cool colors, Blues, recede. Warm colors, Reds and Yellows, come forward. The second method is to make colors duller in the distance and more intense as they come closer. I’ve used both of these techniques in the water.

The boats are blocked in, I will go back later and work on them a bit more. I’m getting the hill behind the village covered. You can see I have also used the warm/cool, dull/intense rules on the mountains. Tomorrow I will begin on the colorful buildings lining the harbor.

Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Mikki


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    wow awesome

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