STEP 11 Portofino Harbor

The test today is to make the buildings of Portofino colorful yet still muted so they remain in the middle distance. When the painting is finished I don’t want them to be so bright they visually jump to the foreground. I’ll admit I’ve been apprehensive about this part of the painting. But once I got started it has really been enjoyable. You can see the use of the mahl stick again. This steadies my hand and takes the strain off my shoulder. The photo on the laptop gives color reference for the buildings.

This stage is a bit slower. I’ve gotten this far today blocking in buildings. Much time was spent mixing the various colors. Tomorrow’s plan is to get the rest of the buildings built and then start adding windows, doors and architectural details.

See you soon. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

3 Responses to “STEP 11 Portofino Harbor”

  1. Shirley samuells Says:

    Hello again like what you are doing. keep coming back to see what is new.

  2. Shirley samuells Says:

    beautiful painting

  3. Pixie Glore Says:

    This step shows how awesome a draftsman you are!

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