STEP 16 Mixed up

Today work starts on the tower.  The study is set up to my right as reference, along with a couple of photos. Before beginning to paint I mix a good quantity of the colors to be used. Notice I’m mixing left-handed, even though I am naturally right-handed. A good friend of ours, who is a top orthopaedic surgeon suggested the use of the left hand to mix so over the years there would be less strain on the right.

The second picture shows a closeup of the palette. The paints across the top are my base colors. The two rows on the left side are colors I have premixed, the greens are left over from the palm trees. In the center are the mixtures for the tower. This gives me enough paint so the entire building is consistent. I don’t have to worry about running out of paint in the middle of the building and then having to mix and match more.

So, it’s back up on the ladder to paint the tower. Please come back and visit tomorrow. See you then. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik.

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