STEP 26 A Very Important Tool

What tools are important to an artist? Our easel and palette of course. We’d be out of business without brushes and paints. And where would we be if we didn’t have something to paint on; canvas, paper or board? So…. what is it in the the picture of our studio above we couldn’t do without? The couch, you say. Artists take a lot of naps!  NOPE, although I do sit on the couch to go through reference material. When clients visit the studio they can relax and watch me paint or we can sit to discuss ideas for a commission.

Look again at our studio. One of the most important tools an artist can use is on the left, behind the couch. THE MIRROR! See how my painting is reflected in the glass? This is vitally useful in critiquing your own painting. Looking at your artwork in the mirror switches it from the inventive (creative) side of your brain to the analytical side.

Painting on the Easel

Painting Reflected in the Mirror

The two images above show you what I see as I paint. I constantly turn and look at the painting in the mirror, critiquing as I go. When looking at the reversed image I judge perspective, if lines are straight, light/dark values and color combinations. By the time the painting is finished I don’t know if the tower is on the right or the left! (Smile)

If you are an artist, using a mirror is an absolute must. You will be amazed how different your painting looks in reverse. Please come back tomorrow. Until then have a wonderful day. Jack and I will be watching the Super Bowl this evening.

Big Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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