2.11.10 Pride of Carmel

Let’s escape today to the beautiful Carmel coast, feel the brisk breeze on our faces and listen to the booming surf. This painting is 10″ by 18″. Looks pretty different on the easel after the 6′ by 8′ I just finished (smile).  I start with a quick sketch in a thin oil wash of Mud: Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson + a liberal amount of Liquin. This establishes the major elements of the painting.

Please do remember you may click on any image to see an enlargement.

Beginning with the sky and distant mountains, I then move to the foreground and block in the dark mass of the Pride of Madeira, Aloe and Ice Plant that grow all along this rocky coast.

Next step is the ocean using Ultramarine Blues in the distant water and more intense Pthalo Blues in the shallower, foreground water. I want the sunlit cove to invite the viewer to come take a dip.

Sunlight is hitting the point, washing the rocks with warmth. Since the rocks in the distance will be warm, I make the foreground rocks dark. This is another way to give the feeling of depth in a painting. We call it the THRESHOLD RULE. Think of being outside on a summer night and looking back at the open door of your home. The warmth inside the door draws your view over the threshold into the light. The dark rocks and plants across the front of this painting act as a THRESHOLD inviting you to step over to the  little warm, sunlit beach.

If you have a moment go back to yesterday’s post. The 6′ x 8′ painting employs this same technique. The dark foreground of steps, rock walls and plants makes a threshold. The light on the terrace draws your gaze across the threshold up to the rest of the painting.

Pride of Carmel   Original Oil Painting  10″ x 18″

The first time Jack brought me to Carmel I was overwhelmed with the beauty. We  were familiar with the Red Aloe but didn’t have a clue what the stately plants with the purple flowers were. After questioning many of the locals we finally discovered their name, Pride of Madeira. Even though the plant is native to the Mediterranean we felt a better name would be Pride of Carmel!

Thank you for visiting. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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3 Responses to “2.11.10 Pride of Carmel”

  1. Kenna Roberts Says:

    Beautiful, Mikki! You are truly a gifted painter.

  2. danny hancock Says:

    it’s a rare talent that can produce such beautiful work. keep it up so you can continue to make the world a more beautiful place. all the best.

  3. Lance Brock Says:

    I LOVE this Carmel picture. I think I may have to have another Mikki painting with Carmel as the subject. I have been there 2 times and its just about the most beautiful place in America.

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