3.31.10 Wildflowers Galore

We just had to go get some groceries today. I felt like old Mother Hubbard, our cupboards were totally bare. So I thought I’d share some shots we took on our way to the local grocery store. Every day it seems spring just couldn’t get any better, then the next day the wildflowers around us are even more beautiful. Everywhere we look are fields of color, what a visual cornucopia. We discovered the White Bluebonnet pictured to the left in the field behind our house. An unusual exclamation point in the field of blue.

God has certainly touched us with his paintbrush this spring, we feel so blessed. To see any of these pictures enlarged just click on the image. Thank you for visiting and please come back tomorrow. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

Website: http://www.senkarik.com  Email: senkarik@senkarik.com

One Response to “3.31.10 Wildflowers Galore”

  1. Joseph Murray Says:

    Happy Easter Mikki & Jack !
    Loved the recent photos of your area . What a wonderful sight to behold every day . Certianly can’t beat the wonders of God and Mother Nature ! We are just starting to see the results of God’s spring touches in our area . Love the Spring ! Thanks for sharing the beauty of your area !

    Joseph Murray
    Wayuga Art Studio

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