A Sigh of Relief

Summer has past and the cooler weather of fall is well appreciated. I swear we heard all the plants in our garden give a collective sigh of relief! One thing for sure, they look a lot perkier. In our front patio above the blue mist (front right) and the Mexican Bush Sage (left) are in full bloom. That’s Penelope, the Pig, on our weathervane.

The plants with the yellow flowers are called Green Thread. When we lived on North Padre Island, on the Texas coast near Corpus Christi, they grew wild. We collected seeds and brought them with us when we moved. They are foolproof, blooming from the time they come up in the spring until they freeze in late December or January.

A Red Knockout Rose and Canna Lilies are in the background to the left. Blue Mist is on the right foreground, they cast such great shadows. The butterflies love it, rising in a cloud of fluttering wings when we walk by. You can see our pond in the distance.

Our back patio glows in the late afternoon light. If you look beyond the trees you can see the pond and maybe a fish or two jumping (smile). The plant in the right foreground is Bat Face Cuphea. The flowers are beautiful, with tiny little red bat faces. Remember, if you want to enlarge an image just click on the picture. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

Website: www.senkarik.com


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