We are so Thankful

What a beautiful morning, God sent us a special Thanksgiving treat. As we walked down to sit in our swing a flock of snowy white Egrets settled on “Duck Island”. I went back up and grabbed the camera. We were afraid our movement would disturb them but they seemed to accept our presence.

I was able to slip down to the water’s edge to get a closer shot. That Slinky isn’t the only one in the family who can slink around! Just click on the picture to see an enlargement. Joining Jack in the swing, we drank in the wonder of the moment. Then Jack laughed, “There go the rest of our fish. They’ve come for Thanksgiving dinner.”

Back at the studio Slinky wanted to be part of the holiday too. He is so funny. He’ll sit on the window sill and paw at your fingers if you rattle them against the glass. But come out the door, he is gone. The closest he will come then is at feeding time. We can sit in our rockers about 5 feet away from him while he eats. But any attempt to get closer and he disappears!

With Thanksgiving on our hearts we want to say how much we appreciate all of you who read this blog. We feel so fortunate to be with each other, live in this great country and have such wonderful collectors and friends. You allow us to make a living doing what we love. Thank you. Or, as we say in Texas, Much Obliged. Happy Thanksgiving. Mikki and Jack

One Response to “We are so Thankful”

  1. Janet Says:

    Beautiful flock of egrets! They look like they appreciate both the pond and the fish. Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving day.

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