It’s a Chili Winter

The red chili ristras present a challenge because I want them to be different from the red door. So I use Alizarin Crimson + Magenta, adding a little White to the mix for the highlights.

The spiky yuccas and cactus add a touch of green to the snowy scene. I first paint the shadows of the snow on and around the foliage, then come back to add the white highlights.

It’s a Chili Winter     24″ x 30″    Original Oil Painting

Chamisa and Cactus finish out the right front corner. A shadow is cast across the front of the painting making a dark threshold. The viewer’s gaze travels across the shadows to the sunlit snow and bright colors beyond. As soon as I finished this piece we emailed an image to my gallery in Santa Fe. Can you believe a collector bought it from the email? YIPPEE! It’s a Chili Winter has a new home. And our Taos gallery also sold Winter Wonder this weekend. So I guess I’ll be painting more snow. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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