How you can get a Mahl Stick like Ours!

I can hardly believe the response to my blog on using a mahl stick. Several of you wanted to know where we got the ones we use. Jack and I purchased them from the Container Store in San Diego. But that was in 1994.

Thank goodness for the internet. After searching the net and a couple of phone calls I have some good news for you. The mahl sticks are still available. It is actually called a High Reach Garment Hook, used for lifting hanging clothes off high closet rods. But it works perfectly for a mahl stick. And it is only $19.99.

Just click here to see more info and to purchase the mahl stick.

I just wanted to share this with you since so many were interested. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

One Response to “How you can get a Mahl Stick like Ours!”

  1. Messina Studio Says:

    It might sound silly of me – but what do you use it for? Just adjusting the easel? I usually end up with my canvases on my lap! 😀 Your station is so nice and neat though – I love the toilet paper roll!

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