New Arrivals

We had some new arrivals fly in and land on our pond this morning. We weren’t familiar with some of them so we had to pull out the Audubon Field Guide. Scaups and American Wigeons, what a treat! I wish I could have gotten closer to get a better picture but we were afraid they would fly away if I did.

Clicker Bobbie, our resident great white egret, and the Northern Shovelers retreated to the southern edge of the water.

Meanwhile Harry the Heron and another batch of Northern Shovelers continued to feed, totally ignoring the newest members of the Senkarik Pond community. If you would like to see any of these pictures enlarged just click on the image.

We just sat and watched for a long time, enjoying the tranquility of the scene. But reality hit, Santa Fe has sold several pieces and needs replacement paintings for their walls. As Jack likes to say, “They can’t sell out of an empty wagon.” So back to the easel. This painting is going to be pure Santa Fe with bluffs and chamisa in the background. Hollyhocks, Trumpet Vine and Sunflowers will fill the foreground courtyard.

We’ve had many new visitors to my blog in the last several days. Jack and I will be a little more welcoming than Clicker Bobbie and Harry the Heron. We want to extend a Hearty “We’re Glad to Have You and, as we say in Texas, MUCH OBLIGED!” Please come back tomorrow and watch me paint. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik


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