Let’s Go to the Amalfi Coast!

Santa Fe needs another 24″ x 30″ painting. I looked at our Gallery Board and decided an Amalfi Coast piece would work well with their current inventory. After going through pictures of the area I make a quick sketch. If this was for a commission I would make a more complete and detailed drawing for my client.

As I drew this up on the canvas I made a few changes. Instead of a pot of flowers on the table Jack suggested a bottle of wine and glasses. “Just seems kinda romantic,” he said. I certainly agree. The original sketch had a tile roof below the palm tree in the lower right corner. After getting the palm sketched in I decided to leave the rooftop out. I like the feeling of being high up on a precipice with only the water below.

I begin with the sky and most distant mountains. As the mountain is painted I work a little of the cloud color into the blue giving the appearance of sunlit mist hovering between the mountains. This really shows in the next photo.

Now for the distant village of Amalfi. I enjoy painting this area with its quaint little towns. We have such happy memories of the Amalfi Coast. Using a large brush I block in the mountain, then go back to indicate the buildings and old medieval tower. To see the image larger click on the picture.

Painting the water follows the rule, “muted colors recede, intense colors come forward.” A mixture of Ultramarine Blue + MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + White is used for the most distant water. Stepping forward, about the level of Amalfi, I paint the water with a mixture of Ultramarine Blue + White. Coming closer Pthalo Blue + Ultramarine Blue + White is used. In our next session I’ll finish the coast and water. See you then. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

Website: http://www.senkarik.com

One Response to “Let’s Go to the Amalfi Coast!”

  1. Bonnie Austin Says:

    I stayed at a hotel on the cliff just on the other side of that point close to
    Amalfi. I could have sat on the balcony all day. The color of the water
    changes from minute to minute and the atmosphere is so relaxed. This
    is going to be a wonderful picture and I will follow along wistfully.

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