Leftover Paint

The layered cliffs along the Amalfi Coast are challenging to paint. The secret is to make each one a little warmer and darker in value as they come forward. Or in reverse, cooler and lighter as they go back! I make the closest bluff in shadow, providing a dark to accent the sunlit terrace in the foreground.

The water under this mountain is darker because of the reflections. Surf churning along the rocks at the bottom of the bluff will glow behind the orange Nasturtiums. In the foreground a mixture of Pthalo Blue + White + a bit of Lemon Hansa Yellow is used to make the water more intense. The light water running behind the dark palm gives distance, making it appear far below.

I’ve been asked if I use all of that paint out on my palette. The picture above shows my palette at the end of the painting day. There are a lot of little dibs and dabs of color. While cleaning up I mix similar shades together. The picture to the left shows the final result. All that color ends up in a few piles of paint. These I will recycle and use in color mixtures tomorrow. Thanks for visiting. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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One Response to “Leftover Paint”

  1. Donna Says:

    What brand of paints are you using, Mikki?

    And what is in that milk carton?

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