The Sketch

So here’s “the sketch”. We moved the seaside village of Alacati about 95 miles to Ephesus with the stroke of a pen. That’s the fun of being an artist, we can combine places and elements that just don’t exist in reality. The toughest challenge is to make them appear real!

After studying the drawing my collector decided he would like more of the ruins showing in the distance. He especially liked these ancient columns leading to the Library of Cestus.

So back to the drawing board. I rendered another sketch with the columns added. I like this much better as did my client. The shadows the columns cast will be fun to paint. I’m looking forward to starting the painting. But I won’t be able to work tomorrow. We have our annual eye exam and once my eyes are dilated, I’m completely worthless! I hide in our darkest room wearing two pair of dark sunglasses. So I’ll see you on Thursday. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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One Response to “The Sketch”

  1. Jo Edwards Says:

    Thanks so much for taking us thru the process. I feel like I have an art lesson every morning when I turn on the computer.
    So grateful for your sharing…………..

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