Blue Sky

My client said the skies were incredibly blue, without a cloud, the whole time they were in Turkey. So I’ve got Pthalo Blue + White and two different shades of Ultramarine Blue + White laid out on my palette ready to paint that beautiful sky.

I use the Pthalo Blue + White mixture for the sky nearest the horizon where it is lighter and greener. Moving upward the lighter of the two Ultramarine Blue + White mixes is used. The darkest of the two is reserved to paint the top as the dome of the sky arches overhead. The mountain is painted with cool blue-greens so it will recede.

Before the sky gets too dry I paint the Bougainvillea and Trumpet Vine. It is much easier to paint all the fine stems, tiny tendrils, blossoms and leaves wet into wet. The image projected into the rear screen above was taken in Myrtle Beach and is one of my favorite Bougainvilleas to use for reference. On the left I’m blocking in the blossoms of the Trumpet Vine. I will paint the foliage next. By painting flowers first, then the leaves, the color of the blossoms remains bright and clean. If I painted the greenery first, then the flowers, the blossom color would pick up the green and become muddy.

The portions of the colorful vines extending into the blue sky are done. Tomorrow I’ll begin painting the ruins of the Library of Cestus. Come join in the fun. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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One Response to “Blue Sky”

  1. Janet Says:

    This is already just so amazing! Can’t wait to see the rest.

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