Ready for Some Football!

Whew! The Library of Cestus and columns are finished. On the left side of the boulevard you can now see how the warm columns jump in front of the cooler ruins behind them.

My extra paint is saved on the left side of my palette. I’ve taken some of my mixtures from the architectural ruins and added Ultramarine Blue. This makes several cool grays for the stone floor immediately in front of the Library.

I’m sorta in a quandary today. We have company coming to watch the Super Bowl so I can’t paint as long as I’d like to. Originally I had planned to paint the entire paved area but I just don’t have the time. So I get the distant stone floor covered, paint the shadows cast by the columns and then direct my attention to the vase on the table. Tulips are the national flower of Turkey, we decided they would be fun to include. I want to get those blocked in while the paint around them is still wet and pliable. I “Lay” the paint on the canvas with a large brush so I don’t pull up the color underneath, which would muddy the flowers.

The cool grays of the street accentuate the bright tulips. Taking artistic license I decided to remove the rubble in front of the distant steps because it distracted from the flowers in the vase.

It’s time to get ready for company and the Super Bowl. GO PACKERS! See you tomorrow. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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