Floral Invitation

Bright yellow Sunflowers just seem so right in a blue pot. The blossoms are blocked in first followed by the warm green foliage, made of Ultramarine Blue + Hansa Lemon Yellow. The Sweet Potato Vine is Alizarin Crimson + some of the warm greens from the Sunflowers.

The centers are added and Presto………Sunflowers!

This is when saving all the extra paint mixed from our basic primary colors comes in handy. If you would like to find out more about our Double Primary Palette just click here. I’ve taken several of the leftover greens, mixed them together and added Pthalo Blue, making a cool, gray-green. The mixture will be used for the foliage of the Salvia and Poppies in the container by the foreground door.

The purples from the Wisteria transform into the Salvia blossoms. Alizarin Crimson is mixed into the Sunflower color to make the oranges for the California Poppies.

My Hollyhock reference is on the computer so out comes the laptop. The blossoms are mixed from one of those “Special” colors we use occasionally, Permanent Rose. Cadmium Red Light + White is added in various proportions to make a range of coral colors.

Floral Invitation    32″ x 44″     Original Oil Painting

Red Coneflowers and a bit of Fountain Grass finish the foreground garden. Thank you for visiting the studio. To see any of these images larger just click on the picture. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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One Response to “Floral Invitation”

  1. asrai7 Says:

    I love the process shots shown here, very inspiring. You have some great work! 🙂

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