Choices, Choices!

My next piece is a fun project that I’ve been working on for quite some time. On New Year’s we sent out the greeting shown at the left to all of our friends and Team Senkarik members. One client, who has several of my paintings contacted us saying, “I love that piece. Would you paint something similar for me?”

In our conversation I asked where the painting would go. Terry said she wanted a piece to hang in a guest bathroom that has a bamboo motif wallpaper. After visiting for awhile I suggested two ideas. The sketch below shows the design based on our New Year’s card.

This piece would be located in the Florida Everglades. Marsh, palms and saw palmetto would provide a gold, rust and green color scheme.

Our second idea was a piece to reflect the feel of the bamboo, giving more of an oriental touch to the room. So I came up with a Japanese Garden theme that would still include the Great White Egret. Come back tomorrow and see which one Terry selected! Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

UPDATE! Our collector who won A Little Bit of Paradise is going to give it to her mother for her 90th birthday. Isn’t that cool? We have the world’s nicest collectors.

One Response to “Choices, Choices!”

  1. Kenna Roberts Says:

    Mikki, both of these sketches are beautiful! I haven’t seen you paint this type of landscape before. Can’t wait to see either (or both) of these paintings develop!

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