The Saga of Slinky

If you’ve been following my blog very long you know about Slinky, our wild kitty. Last October he appeared. Thin, scrawny and very wary. It took a few days to coax him close enough to eat. But we were finally adopted.

Slinky became part of our family. He would peer in our studio window or sit on the sill in the office watching us. But if you opened the door he would not come closer than 8 feet. I would see him “Slink” from bush to bush as I worked in the garden. When Jack went for his walk Slinky would climb the tree in the front yard, watching his progress up and down the road. When we sat on the back porch for our afternoon snack he would hide in the bushes by the fountain keeping on eye on us.

One day I made the mistake of mentioning we needed to get him neutered. I swear he understood what I said. Even with chicken, his favorite, we could never entice him into the Humane Cage from the vet’s. Well, he began to prowl. But he would always show up in the morning for breakfast and then later for dinner.

He didn’t come home about two weeks ago. The development we live in is an old ranch that was divided into lots of several acres. The area is pretty open and our neighbors are not really close by. We figure someone in our area has a female cat in heat and Slinky was making a nuisence of himself. I imagine he was probably shot. We really miss that wiley fellow, he did weave his way into our hearts. Several of you have asked about him. I’ve not said anything because I hoped he would show up. But we’ve finally realized we had to say goodbye. We will remember with fondness all the laughs and smiles he brought us. Hugs, Mikki

2 Responses to “The Saga of Slinky”

  1. Rayann Orr Says:

    Lets hope he is a happy barn cat at a neighbor’s & they are feeding him. I really enjoy your blog & painting tips!!!

  2. Carole Jarvis Says:

    I loved reading about Slinky and followed the link to your original post, Mikki. I obviously adore cats. The important thing is that you and Jack opened up your hearts to Slinky and he loved you in return. I suspect he won’t be the last cat to seek you out!

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