Mystery Guests

Some surprise visitors showed up at Senkarik Pond. We had no clue what these beautiful birds were. Their honking made us suspect they were some kind of geese, but they did not appear in any of our birding books. So Jack said, “Let’s ask Jimmy and Margie.” Jimmy is an artist Jack has been helping. His wife, Margie, is a wildlife photographer and an expert on birds. So we emailed our pictures to them, receiving an answer almost immediately.

EGYPTIAN GEESE! They are an exotic bird from Africa, not common in the US. Most seen in the wild have escaped from zoos or private collections. That Margie certainly knows her birds. I hope these stay around. Apparently the honking we’ve been hearing is the male’s mating call. Maybe we’ll have babies!

Okay, back to work! The wall for the gate is blocked in with cool hues of the adobe color which will make it stay in the background.

While the paint of the wall is still very wet the tendrils of the Trumpet Vine are drawn. Next the dark red of the chili ristras is blocked in with a mix of Cadmium Red Deep + Magenta. Then Cadmium Red Deep is used to form the individual peppers.

Some of the red is dragged into the adobe surrounding the ristras where their color reflects on the wall.

Highlights on the chilis are Cadmium Red Deep + a bit of White. I want the peppers to be subtle since the door in the foreground is also going to be red. Tomorrow the cactus and yuccas will be planted. Grab your gardening gloves and come help! Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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One Response to “Mystery Guests”

  1. Donna Says:

    Mystery guests! How exciting.

    I am SO enjoying watching this one come together!
    Just love it!!


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