Interesting Discoveries

Jack is feeling so much better. It’s amazing, you don’t realize how good you feel until you get really sick. We even decided to quit early today to take a drive through the countryside, just enjoying each other’s company. Thank you to all who have asked.


Anyone who has opened their heart to a pet from a shelter usually finds out some traits they weren’t expecting. Well, we’ve discovered some interesting things about our new adopted kitties. Sissie loves grass. Cat grass, that is. Sissie growls and chases Molly away if she comes anywhere near the planter the barley grass is in. So in return Molly has taken over Jack’s easel. I guess she decided it would be fun to be an artist! One thing for sure she has become a garden cat extraordinaire who loves to climb trees. And I mean BIG TREES. I couldn’t find her this morning when it was time to come in, so I called. I heard a tiny meow about twenty-five feet above my head. There was Molly in the top of one of our giant Live Oaks. She worked her way down, then climbed into my arms. I think she even scared herself.

Today it’s time to work on the foreground building. The adobe mixes are laid out on my palette. All are made of varying combinations of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Orange + a tiny touch of Pthalo Blue + White. The Pthalo Blue adds an imperceptible green cast to the adobe which will enhance the red of the door. To find out more about mixing colors with our Double Primary Palette CLICK HERE. The shadows are painted first, then the light areas of the adobe. As the wall goes back more Ultramarine Blue is added to the mixture. The coolness of the blue makes the far edge of the building recede.

The undulating truck of the Trumpet Vine adds interest to the foreground. The dark upright serves to stop the light coming into the painting from the right.

The bright red door glows against the slight green in the adobe. Red and Green are complimentary colors, therefore the tinge of green in the wall makes the red even more intense. Notice how the door comes forward from the duller red chili ristras in the distance. Please do come visit our studio again, I’ll be back at the easel tomorrow. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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6 Responses to “Interesting Discoveries”

  1. Rayann Orr Says:

    Love your post about the adopted cats along with the painting tips. I truly believe when you save an animal from death row there is a special bond. We have an Australian Shepherd that was adopted (a throw away dog) well he is a truly a Velcro dog.

    Thanks Rayann

  2. Gayle Faucette Wisbon Says:

    I’m so glad to hear that Jack is doing better! I’m really enjoying his articles on Fine Art Views and receiving your blog posts in my email every day! Love the kitties!

  3. Janet Zeh Says:

    Thanks for the update on Jack. What a relief!
    The kitties are precious and so lucky to have found a home with you.

  4. Donna Says:

    SO glad to hear Jack is feeling better and that you had some quality time together in the country.

    Beautiful painting today!
    With the addition of the red door, everything is now coming together.
    I’ve watched in puzzlement until today. The ristras were glaring and fighting the far distant hills. But, not now!!
    Hope I can some day do as well!


  5. Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo Says:


    I’am so glad to hear that Jack is better. It was nice reading about your adopted kitties, love those studio-cats!
    Your painting has really pulled together now, in such a striking way! I love that warm red door, this all looks like a “secret garden or patio” and I think of how nice it would be to be in that place …right now!
    Have a wonderful week, and I am looking forward to further pictures of that painting!
    Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo

  6. Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo Says:

    I think that my previous comment disappeared! Anyway, I am glad that Jack is better. I love studio cats and yours are darling, so pretty!

    The painting is moving along beautifully, I can’t wait to see the progress on it this week!

    Happy “Holy Week”.

    Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo

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