A Welcoming Rooster

Working on a glass palette has several advantages. We place 1/4 inch glass on a white shelf board. Since we paint on white canvas it is only logical to mix our color on white. The glass makes clean up a breeze using a single edge razor blade in a paint scraper.  The glass palette also comes in handy in planning a stylized design. I made a few thumbnail sketches of a stylized rooster design for the tile by the door on a note pad. With MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) + Liquin I begin drawing my idea on the palette with a brush dipped in the wash. The design on the left isn’t working so I begin another drawing on the right. It’s easy to make changes and corrections on the slick glass. Using a brush dipped in paint thinner, then wiping it clean with tissue you can go in and erase a line. I do like this little rooster on the right!

Because the building with the tile is at an angle the rooster design will have to be foreshortened. Bracing my arm on a mahl stick for stability the design is drawn on the tile. CLICK HERE to find out what a mahl stick is.

The little rooster is ready to happily crow, welcoming guests! Attention is now directed to the Trumpet Vine draping over the ancient adobe.

The flowers on this vine are painted with a several mixes of Cadmium Red Light + Cadmium Orange and Cadmium Orange + Cadmium Yellow Medium. This makes the flowers warmer and lighter than those on the distant vine, therefore they jump forward. The warmer blossoms separate the foreground building from the wall in the background, giving the painting additional depth. I think we’ll finish up in the next session. ‘Til then, Hugs….. Mikki Senkarik

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One Response to “A Welcoming Rooster”

  1. Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo Says:

    Hi Mikki,

    How wonderful this painting is moving! I love that stylized Rooster-tile! Also, that door-handle on the red door is fantastic! It is right up there and equal to your saltillo-tiles in technical finesse! Great job!
    Bobbi Baltzer-Jacobo

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