High Desert Beauty

The wash on the chili ristras is dry so I come back in with Cadmium Red Deep to paint the peppers. This step adds texture and form to the individual chilis. Highlights are added with brushstrokes of Cadmium Red Deep + a little White.

I love these southwest doors with the willow twigs in the openings. The original doors were old, weathered wood. I decided Blue would be a nice compliment to the colors around them. Mixtures of varying proportions of Pthalo Blue + White are used for these.

The lights and darks on the terra-cotta floor are painted first. Then the perspective lines of the tile are drawn into the wet paint.

So much of our reference material is on slides, taken way before digital cameras became available, and more importantly, affordable. To look at the slides we project them into a rear viewing screen. This allows me to see them in the studio with regular lighting. The image on the screen is a Red Yucca taken in Midland, Texas. We lived there several years ago for six months, meeting some of the friendliest people we’ve ever known.

High Desert Beauty     30″ x 30″     Original Oil Painting

Yuccas, Cactus and California Poppies bring the High Desert Beauty into this Santa Fe courtyard. This piece has already been picked up by FEDEX and is on its way to the Santa Fe Art Collector Gallery. Tomorrow I will be working on a special painting for Mother’s Day to be auctioned on eBay. Come watch! Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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