Similar, Yet Different

Our gallery in Santa Fe sold A Forever View and asked for a similar piece, the same size, to replace it. We get this kind of request on a fairly regular basis, both by the galleries and from our collectors. Similar, yet different. This is a fun challenge. I’m keeping the high vantage point but making this piece horizontal, moving the location to the Isle of Capri, off the coast of Italy.

One of the coolest things about being an artist is I can move my setting across the Mediterranean from Eze to Capri with a minimum of fuss and effort. All I have to do is pull out our reference pictures. One of my favorite views of Capri is the southern coastline with three monolithic limestone sea stacks called the “Faraglioni” in the background.

The darkness of the old stone wall acts as a frame for the brilliance of the sunlit water beyond. At the top I’ve washed in the vine that drapes down with Magenta + Liquin. This will give me an idea of the flower color as the walls, door and floor are painted. If I decide the Magenta doesn’t work it will be dry and easy to change.

The blue-greens in the water are the complimentary color, or across the color wheel from the red of the door. There will also be plenty of green in the foliage of the plants close to the entrance, making the door POP! This is one of those helpful little rules in painting: To make a color appear more intense place it next to its compliment.

The color of the vine works well with the surrounding elements so I’ve blocked it in with opaque mixes of Magenta + White. Magenta is one of the few colors I can’t mix with our Double Primary Palette. We photographed the vine at a hotel just north of Los Angeles, California. I don’t have a clue what it’s called but we thought it was really pretty. The corner of a Bright Brush is used to make the details of the individual petals. The foliage is a warm green mixed with Ultramarine Blue + Hansa Lemon Yellow. I’ve enjoyed having you visit our studio today. Hope to see you again soon. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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One Response to “Similar, Yet Different”

  1. smitha Says:

    Hi Mikki
    I am your latest fan and follower. I want to know how do you manage to draw straightlines in your paintings. Like for example the arch doorway sides are straight. In my case it would have been wavy. Please can you suggest me some tips if you have any. do you use rulers for ends like this or so?

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