Colorful Joy

Victoria, the owner of our gallery in Taos called in a panic. “This is an emergency,” she said breathlessly. “We just sold three of your little paintings and I need more. IMMEDIATELY!” Fortunately I had some canvases framed and ready to paint, so here goes.

After the old adobe wall is covered, the door and window are painted with mixes of Pthalo Blue + White. More White is added for the sunlit portion of the door. Permanent Rose + White is used for the Bougainvillea with a little Magenta worked in for the shadows.

Geraniums are planted in the square pot by the door. Then the corner of a Bright brush is used to block in the yellows of the Daisies.

The shadows of the Matilija Poppies are painted with various mixes of Ultramarine Blue + White, Pthalo Blue + White, Dioxazine Purple + White and Pthalo Blue + Hansa Lemon Yellow + White. I’m very careful to make the shadows dark enough so the sunlight will glow on the brilliant white flowers.

Colorful Joy    17″ x 14″    Original Oil Painting

Now the Matilija Poppies catch the light as it spills across the courtyard pavers from the left. Tendrils of a vine nestle at the base of the Geranium pot, bringing a bit of interest along the bottom of the wall. Colorful Joy is done. One down, two to go! Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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One Response to “Colorful Joy”

  1. Robert Sesco Says:

    I know you are in a rush, so whenever you can respond is fine; however, in the image fourth from the top, where you are blocking in the Matilija Poppies, it looks as if you have TWO colors on your brush. It may simply be that you are picking up one nearby color as you apply the other, but I thought I would ask if you, ON OCCASION, apply two colors at the same time? Thanks!

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