Proud of our Prides

When we lived in Carefree, Arizona we discovered the Pride of Barbados. Or, as some people call them, Mexican Birds of Paradise. Whatever you want to name them they are wonderful in the hot, dry landscape. The brilliant red-orange blooms brighten up the dog days of summer. They look so tropical yet are very drought tolerant and love the heat.

I guess you have probably figured this out by now, but needless to say, we are very proud of our “Prides”.

Purple Fountain Grass is another one of our favorites. This bunch is placed so we can enjoy the late afternoon sun back lighting the blooms when we are in the house or sitting on the patio. There is a second bed of the feathery grass just to the left of this picture. We get quite a display in the early evening, especially if there is a breeze. Another “Pride” peeks out from around the corner of our back patio.

Jack discovered this Mexican Butterfly Vine on one of our trips to Coopers Garden Place, the local nursery. I usually go with a mission in mind while Jack explores and comes up with all kinds of neat additions for our garden. The vine has dainty yellow flowers, you can see a few on the upper left of the bush. You may have to enlarge the picture to see them, just CLICK on the image.

But the best feature is the seed pods, they look like Butterflies! Last  year we collected several, let them dry and used them as decorations on our Christmas Tree.

Several mornings ago when I was working in the garden Molly scurried up one of the big oaks and found Miss Mockingbird’s nest. Fortunately Molly didn’t actually make it to the babies because our resident mockingbird went crazy, fussing and pecking at her. Every morning since then, from the moment I go out to garden with Molly, the Mockingbird follows us fussing and swooping. Molly stays pretty close to me for protection. Well, yesterday afternoon Miss Mockingbird spotted Sissie and Molly (on the right) in our front window. She flew to the hummingbird feeder and began fussing at the cats. Usually if a bird is outside the kitties are up on the window sill. Not so with the mockingbird! The girls aren’t very happy with the scolding, look at their swishing tails. Have a great day. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik.

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  1. cj soto Says:

    thank you for every thing

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