Romance of Venice

Jack and I feel Venice is one of the most romantic places in the world. So let’s go there today and follow one of the gondoliers as he rows a couple quietly through the intriguing canals of the “Floating City”.

Sunlight illuminates the buildings on the far side of the canal, while the foreground will remain in shadow to serve as a threshold. Even though this is a small painting, the theory of the dark threshold across the foreground still applies.

The Bougainvillea covered bridge adds a blast of color in the background. Moving to the water the blues are painted first. Lighter and duller in the distant canal, becoming darker and more intense in the foreground.

The reflections of the buildings and Gondola are dragged down, into the wet paint of the water. A squiggly diagonal line is made for the reflection of the oar, or “remo”. The lightest part of the water is in the distant canal directly behind the heads of the loving couple riding in the Gondola. This was planned to act as a spotlight, directing the viewer’s eye to the area, accentuating the feeling of romance.

Romance of Venice       12″ x 10″     Original Oil Painting

The Gondolier completes the scene. The Cadmium Red Light of his hatband is echoed in the ribbon tying the woman’s hair. This is another one of the special paintings for my Collector’s Only Event in Santa Fe. Just a little bit of the Romance of Venice. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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