Let’s Get To Painting

Our collector who commissioned this piece teaches art! So I’m going into a little more detail than usual because she will use my blogs to instruct her class. Now, let’s get to painting. The mixes for the adobe building are laid out on my palette. I’m using a little different mix than I showed you in the previous blog. Varying proportions of MUD + Cadmium Orange + a tiny touch of Pthalo Blue + White make several shades of a soft taupe. This gives an imperceptible greenish tinge to the adobe that will make the red door glow. Red and Green are complementary, across the color wheel from each other. Placing complements next to each other makes them appear more vibrant. The blobs of paint on the left are the colors for the background, mixtures of Cadmium Orange + Pthalo Blue + White.

The light comes into the piece from the left, so the distant blue-greens are lighter on that side, gradually getting darker moving across the canvas to the right. After the background is complete the shadows on the adobe are blocked in. A few strokes of blue are painted into the dark adobe beneath the Trumpet Vine on the left to add coolness in the shadow.

The light areas on the wall are now painted. Notice the shadow cast by the chili ristra. A little bit of red from the peppers is reflected into the shadow. You can see this better by enlarging the picture, just click on the image.

A couple of special colors, Cadmium Red Deep + Magenta, are used to paint the shadow of the red door. This mixture makes a clean, deep red that I’m just not able to make with our Double Primary Palette. The sunlit portion of the door is pure Cadmium Red Light.

To draw the lines separating the individual planks of the door, I rest my arm on a Mahl Stick to steady my hand. One end of the Mahl Stick has a hook that goes over the top of the easel. The other end rests against my palette. To learn more about this essential tool CLICK HERE.

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