Limited Original Giclees for Fredericksburg

Today I’m working on some Limited Original Giclees for Fredericksburg Art Gallery in the Texas Hill Country. The unembellished giclee is shown on the left. The prints are just a little blue when we get them from our printer. Actually this is an advantage because when I enhance the piece with warm colors they really POP!

Blazing Chroma      24″ x 30″    Limited Original

Here is the finished hand embellished giclee. The adobe wall, floor and flower pot have all been glazed to give them warmth. The door, chili ristra and most of the flowers have been repainted. I decided to change the Daisies from yellow to white. They give a nice contrast to the door, southwest bench and the surrounding flowers.

Jack and I love the Texas hill country so it’s fun to have a gallery in the quaint village of Fredericksburg. The second piece for Donna is a quintessential Texas spring bluebonnet landscape with a Senkarik touch. The unenhanced piece is shown to the right.

I’ve repainted the sky to give it a warm glow from the afternoon sun. The next step is to glaze the dark areas of the Bluebonnets with Ultramarine Blue + Liquin.

We photographed this barn near Johnson City, Texas. It was so fun to paint when I did the original piece. I added the Texas flag on the roof from another structure we had seen elsewhere in the hill country. On the giclee I go back in to highlight the sunwarmed areas on the side of the building and fence. The roof is also enhanced.

All of the spring wildflowers in the foreground are repainted and highlights are added to the water cascading over the rocks. I don’t know about you but I’m ready to go dangle my toes in the clear stream.

The Glory Never Fades        24″ x 30″         Limited Original

Illuminating the spring green grass in front of the barn completes the embellishing. Remember, if you happen to be in Fredericksburg, please stop by the gallery and say HI for us. Fredericksburg Art Gallery is at 314 East Main Street. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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3 Responses to “Limited Original Giclees for Fredericksburg”

  1. Chris Book Says:

    I was wondering what kind of printer you use to print out your paintings? I am so new to all this loading my artwork onto a computer. I didn’t know anything about printing it out and embellishing it. Very interesting….I love your paintings! Thanks for sharing your work and process with all of us!

  2. Nancy Cupp Says:

    I was wondering what medium you used on the giclees also. Do you have your own printer to do the giclee prints? Do you paint over the prints in oil? How do you seal it? What paper, or canvas is it printed on? What kind of inks? Just full of questions, aren’t I?

    I have been trying to get good giclees in my home town. I don’t have my own printer, so I get my artwork either professionally scanned or have a photo taken and put on CD for me from a local place, and then take the CD to the local printer to make prints.

  3. Karol Blakey Says:

    Do you sell copies of your Hill Country photos and prints of your paintings – beautiful!

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