More Embellishing

Several of you have asked some very good questions about our Limited Originals. I’ll try to cover them here. We make a large digital image of every piece I paint with a 10 megapixel camera. When we are ready to make a giclee the file is sent to our printer, Miguel Figueras, in Florida. We’ve worked with him since 1998. He has several different printers but does our work on a Roland with permanent inks. The pieces we embellish are printed on canvas and varnished with a UV coating. Miguel’s giclees are excellent and prices are reasonable. CLICK HERE to learn more about his company Artfinity.

This piece is of Lake Como, Italy. The arches and columns have been glazed with a mix of Raw Sienna + a lot of Liquin, warming the building. The highlights on the clouds are enhanced. All the embellishing is done with Alkyd Oil Paints. These dry much faster than regular Oils so I can apply a lot of texture. We prefer to use Alkyds rather than acrylics that tend to darken and change color after they dry.

After repainting the Palm Tree, Geraniums, Wine bottle and glasses the grapes are enhanced.

It’s almost quitting time, a.k.a. feeding time, so Molly is hovering. She usually just lurks while I’m working, sleeping on Jack’s painting chair by his easel to the right of mine. All of the flowers in the right corner are repainted to brighten up the foreground. I’ve changed the Daylilies to yellow and the Petunias to pink.

Essence of Romance      38″ x 48″       Limited Original

The final step on our Limited Original, hand embellished giclees on canvas is to add a coat of clear gloss Gel Medium when they are dry. I follow the original brushstrokes to give even more texture to the piece. Thank you for visiting the studio today. Hope to see you again soon. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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