Fall has Arrived on Senkarik Pond

First of all, Jack has a new article on Fine Art Studio Online.  CLICK HERE to read Occam’s Razor.

This afternoon, as Jack and I sat on our back patio having a snack, the birds stopped chirping and it became totally silent. Then we heard the heavy flapping of wings as our resident hawk landed in the live oak north of the house.

While I was trying to get a good picture of the hawk, Molly jumped up on the windowsill and began scratching at a lizard outside the glass. That lizard loves to tease her, he knows he is safe from her quick slap. However, he doesn’t have a clue the hungry Hawk is hovering above!

Thought you would like to take a little break from painting today. Fall is in the air and some of our trees are beginning to turn the subtle colors of Texas autumn. The pond, diminished by the drought, has been taken over by flocks of ducks. We’ve never had this many of the migrating birds, the entire surface of the water is covered.

In this shot many of the ducks are flying. Unfortunately I disturbed them as I walked around the edge of the water to take another photo. But there are still a lot of them floating on Senkarik Pond. Please take the time to enlarge these pictures, I think you’ll enjoy the late afternoon light. Just click on the image to make it bigger. See you tomorrow, I’ll be back at the easel. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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6 Responses to “Fall has Arrived on Senkarik Pond”

  1. Janet Says:

    Beautiful pictures, Mikki, your pond is lovely. That’s a great picture you got of the hawk. When my son had a lizard (in a cage since it’s too cold for lizards up North), if a hawk flew by the window, he would go under cover fast!

  2. Viorica Munteanu Says:

    Autumn is beautiful over there, almost as beautiful as here, in Romania :)). I like your photos, I know how dificult is to make them. Good work, good luck in evrything you do. I love very much your paintings, unfortunately I cannot bauy them. Thank you for sharing your paintings photos and all.

  3. Justin Holdren Says:

    Beautiful scenery Mikki. I have free reign of my inlaws 50 Acre rural property when I want to plein air paint. It has a lovely pond also and they have lots of birds this year too. Love your work. Keep it up!

  4. debbie gillespie Says:

    Thank you for sharing your “pond time”. Makes me wish I could stop by for a cup of coffee. 🙂 Praying you and Jack have a wonderful Thanksgiving. hugs – “Sunny”

  5. Debbie Hunt Says:

    Gorgeous photos! What a lovely setting. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jack. -Debbie

  6. Pen Slade Says:

    Such a beautiful place to live – you are truly blessed. New Mexico is one of my favorite places to visit, esp northern NM.

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