A Combination of Favorites

Darrell, one of the owners of our gallery in Santa Fe, called yesterday and begged for another painting. “I have a hole on your wall, I need a 30″ x 36″ ASAP!” I went back through our book of the paintings they’ve sold and pulled out some that went quickly. The elements contained in these pieces seem to be very popular.

So, this piece will be a combination of favorites. I incorporate the chair from the painting above on the left. The door, window and pots are from the one on the right. The dots over the door and window indicate the placement of the vigas protruding from the wall.

The basic elements are now sketched up and the paint is mixed for the adobe. I had originally planned to have a chili ristra hanging on the wall above the chair, you can see it sketched in on the previous photo. I felt the peppers made too much of an up and down line with the chair so I’ve changed to a tile imbedded in the wall. What will be on the tile? I don’t have a clue, we’ll just have to see what catches my imagination when we get to it. The application of color begins in the next session. Please feel free to come watch. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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One Response to “A Combination of Favorites”

  1. Justin Holdren Says:

    Looks awesome so far! I’ll bet it sells before they hang it!

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