Red Bluebonnets and Black Bellied Whistling Ducks

Jack’s newest article for Fine Art Studio Online  is out. I think you will enjoy reading “Hungry Wolves”.

CLICK HERE to go to Jack’s article.

Our Bluebonnets are out doing themselves. We even had a few red ones pop up and surprise us! The plant in the middle with the serrated edged leaves is a Blue Mist. This bed will be filled with the pretty blue flowers by summer. Butterflies love them, especially Monarchs.

These White Crinum Lilies were given to us by a neighbor. Last year they didn’t bloom much, they were busy putting down roots. But this spring they are providing us with quite a show. I think they like their Bluebonnet Buddies!

One of the sure signs of spring around here are the Black Bellied Whistling Ducks. A pair showed up a few days ago. We so enjoy hearing their calls as they fly overhead and come in for a landing. Almost as if they are saying, “Hi Mikki and Jack, we’re back!”

Today a whole flock appeared at the feeder. Guess I’m going to stay busy painting to provide these babies with birdseed. The hillside sloping down to our little lake, just behind the main group of ducks, is beginning to pop out with Bluebonnets. It won’t be long before it is covered in a blanket of blue. If you would like to see any of these images larger just click on the picture. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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7 Responses to “Red Bluebonnets and Black Bellied Whistling Ducks”

  1. Kim Says:

    Great pictures, Mikki. You’re an inspiration to me in many ways.

  2. Gonny v.d. Horn-Rijsdijk Says:

    Dear Mikki and Jack,

    I run in to your blog about 3 moths ago now, and this is my first reply I even ever did! Thank you so much for sharing with the word ….. I never would say this a few years ago… But I am an artist and do even do believe it myself hi hi!
    I live in Holland ,take a few trips from a week a year now to play a bit with my paint… Ever since i went on permanent sick leave because my hands did not work as they should and i am no longer reliable for a job ,I wanted to paint and so I did .Did not sell any painting up to now, working on a website and bisness card everything slow…but think I might benefit from this book… did read about the wolfs do agree….
    Thought to let you know I enjoy the blog so much!!!
    Kind regards Gonny

  3. Harriett Masterson Says:

    Mikki – I’m a Texan living in Northern Idaho and miss seeing the annual display of bluebonnets. Up here, we do have lupines, which are like giant bluebonnets, which I have painted a couple of times. Just starting to cultivate some in my garden beds.

    It has been a pleasure to hear your story and watch you paint. What a lovely place you have there in the hill country of Texas. The ducks photo is especially pleasing. We have many kinds of water birds here, although I don’t live close enough to Lake Coeur d’Alene to see them every day (live a about three miles away.)

    I’m motivated to keep painting by your lovely blog. Kkeep ’em coming.
    Harriett Masterson

  4. Zabrina Kenisky Bradburn Says:

    Hey, Mikki,

    Your Red Bluebonnets are Amazing:) enjoyed all ur Pics!!

    Love to the both of you,

  5. mjspringett Says:

    I sm glad you find time to enjoy the coming of spring, our red-winged blackbirds and Horned larks have returned, but still have a few rough-legged hawks around. Thanks for your flowers, MJ

  6. Houston Says:

    What an interesting place!

  7. Pamee Hohner Says:

    Hello Mikki & Jack, I started looking at your blogs about 6 months ago. Thank you both so much for your generous sharing. I have all of Jack’s books and am working my through them. I read all of Jack’s articles and devour Mikki’s blog’s. I have implemented many of your ideas and am so grateful for you shareing them. I just can’t thank you enough. We live in Spokane, WA and it snowed today. I really enjoy your spring photo’s. We won’t see spring for a while. My facebook is Pamela Hohner, but my friends and family call me Pamee.

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