Forever Texas

As we were looking at the painting last evening Jack and I saw a couple of things I needed to fine tune. First of all the oak tree by the barn was too small so this morning I made it grow a bit. I also decided to make the blue part of the roof a little duller and lighter so the barn stays back in the distance. Then on the left side I took out the big rock behind the Cactus and Indian Paintbrush, expanding the upper pool so the glistening water could show through. Now for the flowers on the right side of the stream.

Red Indian Blanket flowers are blooming everywhere around us right now. They make a fine compliment to the Phlox and Indian Paintbrush growing out of cracks in the limestone boulders. The Bluebonnets provide a cool backdrop for the fiery red-orange blossoms that are blocked in first, followed by the foliage. You can see that in the photo at the top of the page. The final touch is to add the stems and dark centers, above right.

Let’s get back to painting the Bluebonnets. The field was originally blocked in with varying shades of Ultramarine Blue + White. Now I’ve added detail in the foliage and am starting to paint the white tops. I mix a touch of Ultramarine Blue into my White. Pure White would be too bright and jump in front of the highlights on the water. The tops of the Bluebonnets in the very front are made the lightest and most detailed.

Moving farther back in the field the tops are made a little bluer and smaller so they will recede. The flowers are actually painted in perspective. I have to be extremely careful to make sure the tops are randomly placed. I have a tendency to make them in rows, equally spaced and the field ends up looking like a polka dotted quilt!

A patch of Salvia has popped up beside the Indian Blankets. The spiked foliage of the Yuccas provides a nice contrast to the other flower shapes. The side of my large Bright brush is used to make the long, narrow leaves.

Forever Texas        38″ x 48″      Original Oil Painting

DONE! We will ship this off to the Fredericksburg Art Gallery tomorrow. The Bluebonnets in that part of Texas are just coming into full bloom and Forever Texas is ready to bring the glory of spring to a new collector’s home all year long. Thank you for joining in the process. I’ll be painting on something a little different tomorrow, hope you will come watch. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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6 Responses to “Forever Texas”

  1. Zabrina Says:

    Dear Mikki,
    Just love it!! I wanna go to this place. Lay a blanket down and have a picnic …..Love all the Bluebonnets smell the too…Awesome!!Thank God I am from Texas or else I would be homesick…..AMAZING.. thkx for sharing..Love you blog!!!
    ps A 1000+ words…:)))
    Love ya! !!

  2. Isabelle Dupuy Says:

    Great composition Mikki! Love it…

  3. Gherry Taylor Says:

    Living in the Pacific Northwest, I don’t often see the brilliant light that you depict in your work. I’ve said that if you can’t paint in the rain, you can’t paint here. I’ve grown to love the muted atmosphere of this area and am working hard to capture it’s nuances. Subsequently, I have found your extravagant colors sometimes abrasive to my rained on sensitivities. Perhaps a case of “color” envy? I have to admit, however, I really, really like “Forever Texas.” Thank you for sharing.

  4. Asha Says:

    It’s super gorgeous. More power to you, Mikki.

  5. Phillip Corbett Says:

    And I called these flowers poppies. haha. I’d be lying through my teeth if I told you I knew flowers. I’m more of a tree person but amazing Mikki. This painting packs power.

  6. Sally's Special Services Says:

    Reblogged this on Sally's Serenity Spot and commented:
    Lovely, painting and story. Native Texan here. Thanks for posting.

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