This time of the year is my favorite. Bluebonnets are the first to appear in our spring garden. And now the Red Corn Poppies are POPPING out, providing me with inspiration for this week’s eBay auction painting. I told you I would be painting on something a little bit different today. Well, not only is it a far cry from the usual stretched canvas I work on, it’s wearable. You can take this painting anywhere you go right on the top of your head. It’s a CAP!

CLICK HERE to go directly to my eBay auction.

Using two different photos on my laptop for reference I make a simple outline sketch of the poppies on the cap. I’m using the two white poppies on the left and making them red. Then adding the far right flower from the image on that side of the screen. A small filbert brush dipped in a thin oil wash of Cadmium Red Deep makes the flowers while green is used for the leaves. Molly, our rescue kitty, is not included in the auction! She’s my supervisor. You may have to click on the picture and enlarge the image to see it more clearly.

Now the flowers are painted with Cadmium Red Deep and Cadmium Red Light. I use Windsor Newton Winton Oils which remain much more vibrant than acrylics. Cadmium Orange is added to the Cadmium Red Light for the highlights on the petals. A few strokes of Magenta + White are added in the shadows.

Now the leaves are added. Jack suggested letting them come down on the brim and I think it looks pretty cool! Blue painter’s tape is put on the red part of the brim so I can handle the cap without getting it dirty.

The painting, Hot Poppies, is signed on the edge of the brim and ready to wear! It comes with its own Certificate bearing the title and our Code of Authenticity. The auction ends Sunday, April 1 at 8 PM Central Time. Join in the fun. Bidding starts at a penny! Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

To go my eBay auction CLICK HERE.

4 Responses to “HOT POPPIES on eBay”

  1. Sandy Wegmann Says:

    Now that is a cap any lady would be proud to wear. Love it!

  2. Nicolene Botha Says:

    I love your poppies! What kind of paint do you use?

  3. Dale Bernard Says:

    Beautiful Molly and Poppies too. Thanks for your instruction. You are so GOOD, GREAT.

  4. Jennifer Love Says:

    Lovely Molly. 🙂 We have a black rescue kitty with green eyes too! 🙂

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