Fun Surprises

Yesterday was full of fun surprises. First FedEx showed up with a large package. When I brought it inside I asked Jack, “Did you order something from 2 Die 4?” He just shook his head in puzzlement. So I opened the note on the outside and exclaimed, “Oh, that Paul and Nancy. They’re a mess!” Remember the couple who commissioned me to paint After the Rain? That’s them. Nestled in the box were the cutest pair of gnomes. They look just like Jack and me!

They’ve adopted us and taken up residence by the front door of the studio. If you would like to enlarge any of these pictures just click on the image.

Then we received this wildflower photo from Linda Sioux Henley, an artist friend of ours. Just this month Linda Sioux was given a Women in the Arts Recognition Award by the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution. We are so proud of her. Doesn’t it look like the yellow flowers are a golden ocean wave that has poured over the fence and knocked it down? Now, how cool is that?

Our Rose arbor is in full bloom. The Peggy Martin Roses are a strain that survived Hurricane Katrina after being submerged under flood waters for a week. The nice thing is they have no thorns so pruning is not such a prickly affair. This arbor is also made of a 20 foot length of bull fence that is arched over and anchored to steel fence posts. That’s a Sea Grape in the foreground with Canna Lilies behind. A few “wild” Red Corn Poppies have infiltrated the Canna Lily bed. Thank you for visiting our studio today, I hope those precious little gnomes gave you a proper welcome. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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