Captivating Cove

We are so blessed to have had the wonderful experience of living on the Carmel coast. I want to share this secluded beach where we would take our daily walks. A quick sketch is made, the basic elements are drawn up on the canvas and I begin painting with the sky.

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The famous Lone Cypress was not far from us. I took the liberty of moving it so you can enjoy the view from our quiet little cove. The foreground will be in shadow to accentuate the sun warmed rocks and Lone Cypress in the distance.

After the water and foregound beach are blocked in reflections of the rocks are pulled straight down into the wet sand. I couldn’t paint this special place without our resident sea otter, Roscoe. Usually around sunset the waters would calm down. We’d walk to the beach, sit on the rocks, watch the setting sun and enjoy his feeding ritual. He seemed to like watching us almost as much as we did looking at him. Probably he wanted to make sure we didn’t steal his tasty seafood dinner! Just click on the image to see little Roscoe enlarged.

Captivating Cove      16″ x 19″     Original Oil Painting

Have you ever dreamed of sitting by a quiet cove as the sunset paints the distant clouds in shades of pink and orange? Here is your opportunity to enjoy this experience every single day. Listen to the CLACK, CLACK, CLACK of Roscoe, the sea otter, opening an abalone for his evening meal while you watch the glow of the lowering sun on the famous Lone Cypress. Let Captivating Cove bring you the  joy of the Carmel coastline and refreshing sea breezes each time you look at it on your wall.

Framed in our Senkarik White Signature Frame the outer dimension of Captivating Cove is 16 inches tall and 19 inches wide. The size of the painted image is 11 1/2 inches tall by 14 1/2 inches wide. Captivating Cove is ready to put up on your wall, we even provide the hanger and nail. A Senkarik original oil painting this size sells in our galleries for $890. The auction bidding starts at 1 cent. That’s right, one penny. To say Thank You we are giving FREE SHIPPING, anywhere in the continental United States, to the winner.

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The auction ends Sunday, May 20 at 8 PM in Texas. That’s Central Daylight Savings Time.  So have a little fun and take a trip to the coast. HAPPY BIDDING. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

2 Responses to “Captivating Cove”

  1. Mary A Duncan Says:

    Mikki I am 82 years old and have enjoyed your paintings for several years. Unfortunately I cannot at this time afford one but I do have your lovely book. I like to dabble in painting and enjoyed your step by step. Keep up the great work . Mary

  2. Nicole Says:

    I love what you do!

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