What are the chances?

We love Daylilies. When we first moved here Jack and I devoted one bed at the end of our driveway just to Daylilies. We planted a huge variety of colors: white, pink, yellow, orange, red and multihued. We could see them every time we drove in or out of our property. The first spring they bloomed beautifully, fortunately we took lots of pictures.

We quickly found out Daylilies have a well-earned nickname, Deer Candy! Our beautiful blooms disappeared almost overnight. Then the foliage was gone. So the next year we tried everything; sprays, repellents and finally deer netting. Those pesky little deer would push the netting against the flowers and gobble the blossoms. We finally gave up last year. In our little town there is an Alternative School for kids with problems that has a wonderful gardening program. We donate cuttings and plants we’ve divided to Johnny, the director. After the last time the deer ate all the blossoms I dug up the plants to take to the school. We seeded the bed with Zinnias and Laura Bush Petunias, both relatively deer proof. As I was putting all of the Daylilies in the truck Jack asked, “What about planting a few in pots close to the house. I know you love Daylilies so much, maybe the deer would leave them alone on the back porch.”

I thought that was a great idea so I pulled some out of the bag. I didn’t have a clue what colors they were but figured as many as we had there would be a variety and planted them in three pots.

Two of our potted Daylilies burst out in bloom last week. Can you believe they are ALL red with yellow centers. Now, what are the chances of that? I couldn’t have done that if I had tried. We are hoping the third pot has a different color!

Many of you followed my blog on the wedding commission, Memories of Venice. Several made wonderful comments that I appreciate greatly. The painting was shipped on Tuesday and we received this email today. Just had to share it with you, we thought you would enjoy Laura’s reaction to the painting.

Hi Mikki! I can’t tell you enough how absolutely gorgeous “Memories of Venice” is. AND I haven’t even seen it in person yet, which I know will be even more beautiful, if that’s possible! I had been trying not to look at the painting on the blog since the original post with the sketch because I wanted to be surprised…but when I got the tracking information I couldn’t stand it anymore! My mouth just dropped to the floor and stayed there. It truly is so beautiful!! I can’t believe I will get to look at it EVERY DAY!!!! You flawlessly captured the whole spirit of the city. And so many memories right there! The richness of the colors, the color palette itself, the grace with which you captured the architecture and sparkling lights – on the water, in the cafe, in the hotel, reflecting on the water, the romance of the lampposts, every detail is so perfect and SO VENICE. I could go on and on… Now that I’ve seen it, it’s so cool to see the process from start to finish looking through your past posts. I love how you called it your Dessert painting! I can’t thank you enough for creating such a wonderful piece for us. Laura

AND…….Last but not least, Jack’s latest article is out on FASO.com. Just CLICK HERE to read “Flying with Eagles.” Have a great day. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

One Response to “What are the chances?”

  1. Janet Zeh Says:

    Mikki, I know Laura will never tire of looking at this painting. I have never been to Venice, but I can feel the magic!

    Your day lilies are pretty, what a good idea to put them in pots. Everything is blooming early here this year because it’s been so hot. We are almost caught up to you – even some day lilies are blooming that don’t usually bloom until the end of June.

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