A Challenging Day

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Most of the streets, walkways and floors in Santorini are made of large stones with wide, white joints of grout between them. I have to admit I’ve been looking at the floor on this painting with fear and trepidation. Well, maybe not quite that bad but this is a new challenge for me. I first paint the entire dark surface of the foreground floor and steps. It is made cooler, or bluer, toward the back and warmer near the front. Next I begin to draw in the white grout, first making some of the joints in perspective. This helps the floor to “Lay down”. Also the grout lines at the back are made with some of the blue left over from the walls of the church. The warm shadow color from the foreground wall is used for the joints closer to the front, always keeping in mind Cool Colors go back, Warm Colors come forward.

In my concentration to paint the soft sun streaming through the gate I forgot to take a picture! OOPS! But what I did was drag the warm, sunlit rock color down over the dark floor, grout lines and all, to outline the shadow of the gate. Now I’m going back in and putting the grout lines back in. The ones in the sunlight are highlighted. I use a cool mix of White + a touch of Ultramarine Blue for the lines in the back, directly under the gate. Moving forward a warm mix of White + a little bit of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) is used to highlight the grout.

WHEW! That was a challange to make the lights and darks on the grout lines without it ending up looking like polka dots! The floor is finished and I’m pleased with the result. I do hope you will come back tomorrow and bring your gardening tools. We are going to be doing some planting. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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9 Responses to “A Challenging Day”

  1. Sylvia Cooley Says:

    Mikki, I love how you walk the viewer step by step through your paintings. I feel like I am sitting with you as you work. Thank you so much.

  2. Janet Zeh Says:

    Perfect! This is coming out beautifully Mikki. I like how you solved the problem of how to do the grout lines and the sunlight. This piece is stunning.

  3. Nancy Cupp Says:

    I love how you paint so well with your words. Your paintings are like poetry and your words are like a painting. I so enjoy watching you paint and how you describe things so poetically. You manage to paint us a picture in the mind as well as visually. Sure wish I could meet you both someday. You are such an inspiration to me. I read your husband’s articles when ever I can. He has such a wealth of wisdom.

    BTW, I’m pretty excited because tomorrow will be my first ever reception at an art museum. Somehow my art managed to be accepted along with other local artists into The Findlay Area Artists Exhibition at the Toledo Museum of Art. It sure was nice for the museum to support and encourage local community artists

    Looking forward to your next exciting episodes.
    Nancy Cupp

  4. Peggy Black Says:

    Just beautiful!

  5. Peggy Black Says:

    The sky with the water, it all is breathtaking.
    Love it!

  6. Joan Says:

    I am really so impressed. It’s beautiful!

  7. Kobie Pretorius Says:

    Hi Mikki, I have to tell you, I am so in love with your paintings. I can not stop myself looking at the paintings. One of these days I will be as good as you. It is absolutely breath taking.

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