Shades of Blue

The back edge of the curved wall on the right is made cooler, or bluer, so it will turn back. Moving forward warmer colors are used. The wall to the left of the door is highlighted, while that to the right becomes darker. This helps to give the appearance of roundness. The twisted, gnarled trunk of the Bougainvillea is fun to paint.

Two groups of blue are mixed for the door, windows and gate. Pthalo Blue + White is the basic mix. The two blobs on the left have a tiny touch of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson) added to make them a little duller. The brighter, pure mixes at the right will be used for the foreground gate.

The duller shades of blue are used for the distant windows and door. This is another one of those rules that help to give a painting depth: Bright Colors come forward, Duller Colors go back.

The brighter blue is used on the foreground gate. Can you see how it appears closer than the door behind? Now, let’s talk really BRIGHT! I’ve got my paint mixed for the Bougainvillea. Various proportions of Cadmium Red Light + Permanent Rose + White make the brilliant hue. The flowers are blocked in with a large Bright brush.

The leaves are made of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Yellow Medium. A few strokes of the dark blue from the distant door is worked into the foliage to add interest and coolness. The long streamers of the Bougainvillea reaching in front of the background door also give depth to the piece. In the initial sketch I had originally planned to have some large, leafy Banana trees behind the wall. I’ve left them out because they would make it too crowded.

The golf bag is one of those neat personal touches my client came up with. This is a first for me, I’ve never painted golf clubs before. His wife’s initials are painted with a #0 Filbert brush. You can’t see it but my wrist is braced on the mahl stick so my hand is steady. Have a great day. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik


4 Responses to “Shades of Blue”

  1. Janet Zeh Says:

    Nice touch with the golf bag. Your client will LOVE this piece! As beautiful as the whole painting is, it’s the little touches like that which make it ultra special to someone. ~Janet

  2. lynne mills Says:

    the white flowers spilling over the roof are VERY well done. the use of the blue, purple and white to indicate light is so convincing, i expect to get a whiff of perfume from my computer.

  3. Says:

    Fun watching develop – – and seeing “blossoms first, leaves last”!

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