Courtyard Pavers

Rules, rules, rules. Here is another simple rule that helps give direction when painting steps: Flat planes are lighter, Upright planes are darker. Since the main light source, the sun, is coming from above the tread of the step receives more illumination and is lighter. The riser, or upright side, is darker because the light doesn’t hit it directly. The dark sides are painted first, then I come back and delineate the flat surface of the treads.

Now for the courtyard pavers. The entire floor area is covered first, establishing the light and shadows. The distant part of the floor is made cooler, or bluer, so it will drop back.

Perspective lines are drawn into the wet paint with a fine liner brush. This really helps to give the piece depth. If you would like to enlarge the picture, just click on the image.

The horizontal lines separating the individual tiles are now indicated. This is all done freehand, using the mahl stick for support would limit the movement of my hand and I couldn’t make a smooth line.

The edges of the ancient pavers are highlighted and the floor is finished. The dark shadow across the front of the courtyard acts as a “Threshold”. Think of standing outside your home on a warm summer night. The front door opens revealing the well lit interior. Your eye is immediately drawn through the darkness, across the threshold of the door to the bright light inside. The “Threshold” in a painting works the same. The viewer’s eye is drawn over the front shadow, into the painting, by the lighter area beyond. This will be even more effective when the rest of the white canvas is covered. As Jack would say, “That is your little lesson for the day!” Have a great one. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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  1. Cheryl Ann Scott (@mockingbird101) Says:

    I appreciate every tip and bit of advice you offer in your posts. Thanks so much!

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