Memories to Cherish

The basic yellows of the Sunflowers are Cadmium Yellow Medium and Cadmium Yellow Medium + Cadmium Orange + a little bit of MUD (Ultramarine Blue + Alizarin Crimson). I also bring some of the reds from the Hollyhocks into the shadow side of the cheery blossoms.

The broad leaves are painted and the petals touched by the sun are highlighted with a mix of Cadmium Yellow Medium + Hansa Lemon Yellow. Then the large, dark centers are added to the Sunflowers.

I haven’t forgotten the third daughter, Molly Rose. This tile is for her. To see it larger just click on the picture.

Shapes come into play when designing a painting, much like in landscaping and gardening. I had originally planned an agave by the blue gate but somehow the sharp, spiky shape doesn’t seem very welcoming. However, I don’t want a plant that has a round configuration similar to the Sunflowers and Petunias. A Salvia, or Mexican Bush Sage, with long, slender blossoms and soft leaves fits here perfectly. The purple also looks really nice with the blue gate.

Wine, cheese and fresh grapes are set out for Frank and Sarah to relax and celebrate their family. The grapes are painted with colors left over from the Hollyhock leaves.

Memories to Cherish       38″ x 48″      Original Oil Painting

The lower left corner is filled with a tumble of pink Poppies and Memories to Cherish is complete. We will let it dry for a few days. Then I’ll give it a spray of Grumbacher Retouch Varnish and send it off to its new home. This has been a fun project, all of the personal touches have been a treat to develop. Hope you’ve had as good of a time following along as I’ve had painting. I’ve really appreciated all of your kind comments. Thank you. Next I’ll be starting on the paintings for my Annual Collector Event in Santa Fe over Labor Day weekend. Do come watch. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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5 Responses to “Memories to Cherish”

  1. Peggy Black Says:

    Just beautiful!!!!!

  2. sfenjo Says:

    Why you deleted my comment (in Arabic)?

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      I deleted your comment in Arabic because I don’t know what it said. I can’t read or speak Arabic. I do the same for any comment in other languages. If I don’t know what the comment says I won’t post it on my blog. I only speak English and I do appreciate your comments in my language. Thank you for following my blog and have a wonderful day.
      Mikki Senkarik

  3. pitzersart Says:

    Another “winner”!

  4. mjspringett Says:

    Thanks mikki, MJ

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