A Little Something to Crow About

We thought these big baskets we saw at a flower market were so cool. They are perfect to fill with blooms for this Provence setting. The basic color of the woven container is blocked in first with a large Bright brush.

The rims and horizontal slats are then painted with the corner of that same brush.

I fell in love with this little terra-cotta Rooster the first time I saw him. It just seems fitting to surround him with Lavender and its wonderful scent.

Now for the bouquets of flowers in the baskets. My usual painting sequence of Flowers First, Leaves Last is followed. Working in this order keeps the colors of the blossoms crisp and clean.

The light blues (White + a little Ultramarine Blue + a tiny touch of Cadmium Orange) of the cellophane wrappers on the bouquets are lightly pulled over the leaves and flowers. This helps to give the appearance of translucency.

Cheerful Sunflowers fill the baskets on the far right and Hollyhocks are planted by the door to the Flower Shop. The Oriental Lilies in the foreground container are painted with mixtures of Magenta + White.

A Little Something to Crow About    30″ x 36″    Original Oil Painting

There is an old saying in Provence, “a rooster brings Happiness to your home and success in your kitchen”. This little fellow is ready to give some lucky collector A Little Something to Crow About! Have a wonderful day. I’ll be starting on another show piece next. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

CLICK HERE to see the complete 2012 Catalog of Paintings for our Collector Event.

3 Responses to “A Little Something to Crow About”

  1. Nancy Cupp Says:

    You have once again conquered the “door” making it part of your signature and doorway to the beyond…to the world of imaginations and wonder. To most people, a door is just a door, but, you have made it a part of most of your paintings and into a thing of beauty and mystery. I am in awe.

  2. Rob Davenport Says:

    Simply stunning! I had no idea when i signed up for your blog that there would be so much great info coming my way. Thank you! I pay attention to it all.
    I just finished ( first reading) of Mystery of making it.
    I am blown away by how much you guys give back. You are both having a profound effect on my life and Art.
    I cannot thank you enough.
    While you are in Southern France….
    I hope you have seen the infirmary where Van Gogh stayed for a year near Arles ( the name eludes me at the moment) I was lucky enough to see it in the early morning, my wife and I were about the only ones there. It is beautiful and for me, at least, deeply moving.
    Not to be missed, though likely not the same at midday with the tourist throngs cramming in.
    My guess is you have seen it already….

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Thank you for your kind words. Jack and I are glad we have been helpful to you. Yes, the Saint Paul Asylum in Saint Remy is beautiful. I love the arches in the interior courtyard and have used it as the setting for a few paintings. Have a super day, Mikki

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