Our Girls Are Absolutely No Help At ALL!

It’s hard for Jack and I to get to work when everyone around us is sleeping. Sissie, one of our two shelter kitties, found a sunbeam to snooze in.

Molly snuggled up to the fax machine. She loves to lean against it and push the buttons so the machine beeps. However this morning everything was silent except for her tiny snores.

But no napping for us, the show must go on. So let’s get to painting. My colors for the white Matilija Poppies are mixed and ready to go.

The blues (Ultramarine Blue + White and Pthalo Blue + White) and lavenders (Dioxazine Purple + White) are randomly “smooshed” up on the canvas with a large “Bright” brush for the shadows of the White Poppies.

After the green foliage is painted around the blossom color to shape the flowers pure White is added to indicate the petals catching the sunlight. To see any of these pictures larger just click on the image.

Cascade of Fragrance        24″ x 30″       Original Oil Painting

Large yellow centers finish out the Matilija Poppies, a lot of people call them “Fried Egg Flowers”! A clump of Nasturtiums planted in the right corner helps to catch the light skipping across the terra-cotta pavers. We’re done. The Cascade of Fragrance provided by the Roses invites you to linger in the courtyard before venturing through the open gate and out into the sundrenched landscape beyond. Thank you for following along today. Hope you will visit our studio again soon to see what I’ll be working on next for our annual Collector Event. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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2 Responses to “Our Girls Are Absolutely No Help At ALL!”

  1. karenjewel Says:

    Perhaps you could wake them, put paint on their feet and lay some treats on the other side of the canvas. Phenomenological/feline art! Your work is so beautiful. I have been reading your husband’s blog about your work, but only just thought to go look at it myself. Silly me. I now look forward to your posts in my email. 🙂

  2. Janine Says:

    We have 3 cats and 2 dogs, I know what you mean when all the pet kids are sleeping and I have to work! Cascade of Fragrance is BEAUTIFUL. So sorry we won’t be able to make it to the Gallery in Santa Fe at the end of the month

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