Fun in Santa Fe

WOW! What a super time we had at this year’s Collector Event in Santa Fe. It was so fun to meet long time collectors for the first time, renew friendships with those we had gotten to know previously and welcome new members to Team Senkarik! My walls in the Santa Fe Art Collector Gallery are empty and I have several more commissions to paint! Looks like Jack won’t have to worry about me getting into any trouble, I’ll be happy as can be painting away at the easel.

Many of our Team Senkarik Members came in early to enjoy a long weekend in Santa Fe. Friday was ArtWalk and we had a chance to see a lot of our collectors before the “Official” Members Only Event on Saturday. Tracey Kirsch (left) is a friend of Melanie Graves, a long time collector. Tracey lives in Mineral Wells, TX where Jack sold some of his very first paintings many years ago.

John and Cate Albert are fellow Texans. I’ve painted a couple of commissions for them and talked over the phone but we had never met in person. What a treat. Other collectors dropped by but I have to admit, we were having so much fun we forgot to get pictures!

On Saturday the Johnson sisters, as Jack calls them, surprised us. Jan Rhodes is in the middle and her sister Donell Underwood is on the right. Jack went to grammar school with both of them. For those of you who are familiar with our Love Story their sister is our “Angel Ann.”

Joanie and Nathan Zuckerman collect both Jack’s and my paintings. They came all the way from Pennsylvania and won the gift for the Team Senkarik collectors who traveled the farthest for our show.

Marvin and Carolyn Olk were visiting with us in the gallery when the wayward painting of Venice arrived. They decided to add A Touch of Romance to their collection.

Ed Marhanka is one of our Santa Fe collectors from 1995! He also owns some of Jack’s work. Ed contacted us after he received his first Senkarik painting and said, “You need to call these Billboards of Happiness. They make you feel so good!” We’ve used his term ever since. To say Thank You we made Ed the Captain of Team Senkarik.

From left to right collectors Lisa Meyer, Michelle Smith, David Meyer, Miles Smith and Nathan Zuckerman enjoy visiting.

During the evening we had drawings for special gifts to give our collectors. Charles and Penni Chambers won Essence of Romance, a Limited Original hand embellished giclee on canvas of my painting of Lake Como, Italy.

Lisa and David Meyer were also winners. They took home a book showing the step-by-step process of painting my 6 foot by 8 foot painting, Breathtaking Retreat and a bottle of wine.

John and Cate Albert brought his sister, Stephanie and her husband Tom Wright. Stories were flying back and forth, fast and furiously.

Tom Crabtree, on the far left, is one of the gallery salespeople. We thank him for taking photos for us. Mitch and Lynne Coppedge compare notes with Marvin and Carolyn Olk. Carolyn won an autographed copy of Jack’s book, Sea to Shining Sea, The Mexican-American War and the Manifest Destiny.

Joanie and Nathan Zuckerman added Baskets of Happiness to their collection. It was great to finally get to meet them. As you can see Joanie and I were having too much fun.

It’s hard to tell but Mitch and Lynne Coppedge are big OU fans. Actually we had several Boomer Sooners at the event. It’s a good thing their football game was later that evening, otherwise they would have been somewhere watching the game and not at the gallery. Fortunately Jack, a Texas Longhorns fan, was on good behavior and treated the rivals nicely.

The Auction was exciting as always. We started the bidding for Romantic Amalfi at 22 cents. A penny for every year I’ve been showing in Santa Fe! We had a new twist this year, phone bidding. Sotheby’s and Christie’s watch out! I’m talking on the phone with the happy winner, Kristine Shecter, after the bidding war was over.

Coming to Santa Fe for our Annual Collector Event is like having a family reunion. Mary Apodaca, on the left, always helps out at our event. She makes fabulous flower arrangements. Polly Robinson, a great friend, has sold bunches of my paintings. We are grateful for all Polly and her husband, Chano, do to make our shows a success.

We want to extend a big, Texas “Much Obliged” to Phyllis and Darrell Hilley, the owners of the Santa Fe Art Collector Gallery. It’s a great gallery with such a friendly atmosphere. Everyone on the staff makes certain Jack and I are well taken care of and we appreciate all of your hard work. And every year I especially look forward to Phyllis’ Pecan Sandies. YUMMY!

Last, but not least, Jack and I would like to thank all of our collectors who make it possible for us to make a living doing what we love. I apologize for getting so caught up in the fun and forgetting to get photos with everyone. We’ll try to do better next year.

                                 With love and hugs,

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9 Responses to “Fun in Santa Fe”

  1. michael hubbard Says:

    And a grand time was had by all!! Sorry I missed the festivities. But surely, it was a great event. May the lord bless and prosper you and Jack for all the days of your lives! In His love and service, Michael Hubbard

  2. George and Ruth Olson Says:

    Both you and Jack have been inspiration to Ruth and I. We sure would like to meet you one of these days but Utah is a ways off.

  3. mjspringett Says:

    nice to share your event, sorry that we could not attend this year, MJ

  4. Karma Lee Couture Says:

    I enjoyed hearling all about your event. It is a dream of mine to attend some day and meet you in person. I am inspired by your lovely work, and when I read yours and Jacks Love story it really moved me. I also have a story and it made me feel not so alone. Thanks for that. KC

  5. Pen Slade Says:

    I can’t fine The Rambling Roses you spoke of – where can I see it?
    Thanks, Pen Slade

  6. Dale Bernard Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Wish I would have been there. Lovely.

  7. Tricia Ratliff Says:

    Mikki and Jack, Thanks for sharing these great photos! We would have loved to be there and meet you … it looks like you had a fabulous time and your latest paintings look beautiful!

  8. Elizabeth Kellerman Says:

    Just bought a painting from Mikkii ,Rivers Radiance. I am sorry I didn’t get to Santa fe to meet Mikki and Jack. Love their paintings. I especially love Flooded by light. It was great fun to work with them.

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Thank you for your nice comments. We’ll be at the Santa Fe Art Collector Gallery August 30 and 31st. Hope you can come, we’d love to give you a big hug and personally thank you for being a member of Team Senkarik. 🙂 Mikki

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