The Final Flight of the Endeavour

Growing up in Florida the space program was a big part of my life. We could see the upward glow of the launches from our backyard. It seems like almost every year we went to the Space Center on school field trips. Many times we would be up before dawn to watch the reentry of the space capsule in early missions. I know many of us have grown up watching those great men, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong and all of the other astronauts, with excitement. Holding our breath when missions had problems, cheering their victories. The Endeavour leaves Florida on Monday for its final flight, as it will be shuttled across the U.S. to its forever home in Los Angeles. I must admit I’m sad to think this is the end of the Space Program.

In 1995 Jack and I lived in Cocoa Beach, Florida and watched the launch of the Endeavour from across the canal at Kennedy Space Center. The roar was awesome, it shook the ground. How incredible to watch and imagine the experiences of the astronauts. Cocoa Beach holds wonderful memories for us. We had a small, second story apartment at the end of a canal that extended to the intracoastal waterway. My studio was the screened lanai, there wasn’t room inside for both of our easels. I loved painting in the fresh air and keeping watch out for manatees. When they would swim up to the dock below, we would run down and give them fresh water from the hose. One would roll over on her back, fold her flippers across her chest and guzzle away. We had just started up with Marcus Gallery in Santa Fe and I painted all of their initial inventory on that small lanai. One of the pieces, Rambling Roses on Cerrillos Road was quite large, 44″ x 58″. It almost didn’t fit in the enclosed area! That was before digital cameras so I don’t have an image of the painting to show you. But if you saw my blog on our Collector Event Ed Marhanka is the happy owner of that piece. What fun remembrances.

Like most everyone with pets we’ve spent far too much on special items for our babies; food, toys, beds, etc. Well, we went to the nursery the other day and picked up a few plants. You know those boxes they put the flowers in so they don’t mess up the carpet in your car? I had unloaded the plants and the box was sitting on the counter.

Guess who immediately took it over? It is now Molly’s favorite place to sleep. So much for the nice padded bed we got for our shelter kitty! GO FIGURE! Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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2 Responses to “The Final Flight of the Endeavour”

  1. Elaine Kolodziej Says:

    This is another chapter in the wonderful life of Jack and Mikki. … And, don’t all our favorite felines prefer the packaging that their beautiful, human-designed, expensive toys come in?

  2. mjspringett Says:

    They always adopt their own places, ours loves the whole basement cause the dogs get the upstairs, 🙂 MJ

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