Chili Surprise

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The picture above shows the basic steps I use when painting most flowers.

#1. The mass of flower color is blocked in first. For these Geraniums I use several shades of red and dark pink so the finished flowers will have variations.

#2. The leaves are painted around the red, shaping the blossoms.

#3. The finishing details of buds and highlights on the individual petals and leaves are now complete. If you would like to view this larger just click on the picture.

The Flowers First, Leaves Last sequence is also followed on the Shasta Daisies. Varied Blues and Lavenders are used, they will be the shadow areas of the white flowers.

The leaves are painted with a mix of Pthalo Blue + Cadmium Orange + a little Cadmium Yellow Medium + White.

Chili Surprise    16″ x 19″      Original Oil Painting

Bright, pure white highlights are popped on the petals of the Shasta Daisies bobbing back and forth in the gentle breeze. And…. we are done! Chili Surprise will soon be on its way to our collector’s sister. This has been a lot of fun to paint, thank you for following along. I’ll be starting on a commission of the Big Sur coastline in California next,  hope you will come watch. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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4 Responses to “Chili Surprise”

  1. Sandy Wegmann Says:

    Thanks so much for showing how you do things! I love the painting!

  2. Pen Slade Says:

    I like except for that purple window – maybe more red in it to match the door, or a light blue to go w/the chair? Not sure.

    • Mikki Senkarik Says:

      Hi Pen,
      The purple of the window is the complimentary color of yellow. By placing the purple behind the sunflowers they appear more intense. The window makes them ZING! The purple also makes the window fall back, more red would tend to bring it forward. And, last but not least, some of the purple is in the shadow areas of the white flowers on the right which ties the painting together. Thank you for following my blog. Have a wonderful day. Mikki

  3. Pen Slade Says:

    Thanks for your followup comment, Mikki. I have learned a lot by following your painting blog. I understand why you do things – guess I just don’t paint that way. You sure know how to paint flowers – I’ll have to practice that. Pen (no website yet)

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