We’ve had a little striped visitor lurking around the garden for the past week, a thin grey tiger cat with a crooked tail. We first thought it might belong to someone in the neighborhood but after several days it became obvious the kitty was a stray.

Well, I made a huge mistake, a name. But could you resist that sweet little face? It certainly captured my heart. I told Jack we should call it “Zig Zag”. He quickly morphed it into “Ziggy”.

So then Jack said, “Now that we’ve named him we just have to feed the poor, starving baby.” It just looks to us like a “HE”, but we really don’t have a clue. We’ll find out for sure when we can get close enough. Molly and Sissie, our shelter kitties, have been intently watching this intruder into “their” territory from the window. Molly is really jealous and possessive. Since she goes out with me in the morning to garden we’ve been feeding him in the evening so there won’t be any conflicts. After 3 days he is already knows when dinner is served!

And that’s the news from Senkarik Pond today. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik


11 Responses to “BIG MISTAKE”

  1. mjspringett Says:

    i hope he/she fits into your family, once you name them, you are gone, MJ

  2. geri lari Says:

    You and your husband must be very special people. You know, cats choose you, not the other way around. 😉 Good for you.

  3. Sandra R Cutrer Says:

    I am so glad you are giving Ziggy a home. I am a cat lover, so I fall for their sweet little faces first. They know a sucker when they see one… 🙂 LOL! Love you guys!

  4. Says:

    LIKE! :)/ek

  5. Betty Pieper aka e.zemaitis Says:

    Oh, best of luck, Mikki. I suspected Jack would also be a soft touch.
    Our daughter now has five that were rescued or turned up and I tell you the last one has changed the dynamics and she has had her hands full, even using a cat psychologist, etc. I’m glad you are already avoiding conflict and going slow. I was about to order a book called Kitty Cornered…How Frannie and Five Other Incorrigible Cats Seized Control of Our House and Made it Their Home.Doing the right thing is always clear but not always easy. Good luck and be sure to have Jack write about it on FASO.

  6. Patrice Says:

    I Love it , exactly something I would of done myself . Ziggy , Love his or her name . Enjoy that brave little guy or Gal ???

  7. Gonny v.d. Horn-Rijsdijk Says:

    hi hi…sounds so familiar…I ones did see a cat like that with a burned skin, by the time we could get close enough we took it to the vet for inspection…becouse of fear for infection becouse of the skin problem…. it was looking much better by then, she /he put on a bit of fat as well! Turned out it was a she….with 4 little she’s inside it by then ! Ha ha, they all did find a home and we had an extra cat…Good luck ! We never regretted it ….
    hugs Gonny

  8. Mary Duncan Says:

    Lucky Kitty !!!!

  9. Diane Wesman Says:

    The kink in the tail tells me you may have a Manx cat. They come with no tail, a bobbed tail or a kinked tail. We have had one of each. They are wonderful, smart cats. Hve fun.

  10. Doris Nickerson Says:

    I had a little white cat come into my fenced backyard a couple years ago. I was like you – I fed it — it mated and brought five kittens to me. Since it was winter, I let them on my screened porch and put out blankets and even a heating pad underneath. They were sweet but I needed to find homes for them. There were so many cats available and that was no easy task. When they were old enough I had them neutered or spayed and found some of them homes. But more kept turning up and then the tornado of 2011 hit our city and shelters were full and even tents were put up to shelter homeless pets. I had a total of 21 cats over the next two years. I finally captured and sent the last two off to homes in May of this year. So beware!

  11. michael hubbard Says:

    you have been visited by a “mackrel tabby” cat.

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