How We Keep Track of Our Paintings

Several artists have asked us, “What Art Inventory software program do you use to keep track of what paintings are where?” WE DON’T. Jack and I have developed a very simple system. It’s not computerized, it’s extremely low tech. It works if we have electricity or not. But in a moment we can tell what our galleries have in inventory, what has sold and what paintings need to be paid on. We take digital photos of every single piece I do. We put our inventory number on the picture along with the size, the gallery and the date it was sent to the gallery. The inventory number lets us know at a glance when the piece was painted. The piece shown is numbered SK9912.  The “S” is for Senkarik. “K” is for the month, November. January is “A”, February would be “B”, March “C” and so on. This is the ninety-ninth painting I’ve finished in 2012, that’s where the 9912 comes from.

All the photos go on our “Gallery Board” which is sectioned off with spaces for each gallery we have paintings in. At the far right is the SOLD column.

The photo above gives you a little closer view. When a painting sells I write the date it sold, the collector’s name, phone number, mailing and email address on the back of the photo and move it to the SOLD column. At that time I add the collector’s information to our mailing list and write a Thank You note welcoming them to Team SENKARIK. Looking at the board we know exactly what each gallery has in wall inventory and what we need to be paid on. This allows us to keep the galleries supplied with the paintings they require.

We have three-ring binders for each of our galleries filled with clear page protectors from Office Depot. As soon as a painting is paid for it comes off the big Gallery board and into the binder for that gallery. A small piece of double sided tape keeps the picture in place. The clear pages allow us to see both the front and back of the photo so we know who bought what and when. This is a simple, easy way to keep track of our inventory. And if our computer goes out we won’t lose all of the data! Hope this helps. Hugs, Mikki Senkarik

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2 Responses to “How We Keep Track of Our Paintings”

  1. mariasotorobbins Says:

    This is brilliant in its simplicity. I particularly like that it’s not in a database in the computer. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

  2. Margene Parker Says:

    looks like a great foolproof way, thanks for sharing

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